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New Wimmer Custom Products!

Wimmer proudly introduces a new, innovative fundraising tool: Wimmer Custom Products. Would you like to have extra income directly sent to your group without lifting a finger? Of course you would! Let us do the work! Wimmer Custom Products offers an online storefront with a website - unique to your group - offering personalized printed products such as coasters, notepads, calendars and more. Plus, there's no minimum order. You can supply a personalized notebook for each of your incoming board members, or order placemats, napkins and party supplies for your nephew's birthday party! Best of all? You get a 10% royalty for every item ordered! On your unique website it doesn't matter who orders products, or why: It's still money in your pocket!

How it works: We'll provide all the information about the program in emails, including updates, discounts and ordering info, and you simply forward our emails to your group's members. They shop: You get paid! And these are not knockoffs: Just like our cookbooks, we design, print and manufacture in one of the nation's cleanest print shops right here in Memphis, TN. Check it out today by clicking here!

Cookbook Publishing and Cookbook Fundraising from the Original Cookbook Company, Welcome to Wimmer Cookbooks online!

Wimmer Cookbooks is the premiere cookbook development and cookbook printing resource in the United States. From cookbook fundraisers for community groups, schools and non-profit organizations to profitable business ventures for independent self-publishers and corporations, Wimmer Cookbooks produces a custom, timeless product to meet every publisher’s individual and unique needs. If you are a fundraising group looking for a long-term fundraising idea or you’ve always wanted to publish your own cookbook for yourself or for your company, then look no further than Wimmer Cookbooks.

Why Wimmer Cookbooks?

Wimmer Cookbooks goes beyond being a cookbook printer and cookbook company. We specialize in the creative development, printing, marketing and distribution of quality, custom cookbooks. We offer a variety of cookbook publishing and marketing services to assist publishers in not only producing a quality, personalized cookbook, but constructing a quality cookbook that can be successfully marketed and sold. We offer individualized, personal consulting on self-publishing as well as two different cookbook seminars, one for cookbook development and one for cookbook marketing. These cookbook publishing seminars serve valuable purposes; the development seminar focuses on educating community groups and self-publishers on the cookbook process and teaching participants how to publish a cookbook. The marketing seminar focuses on teaching publishers how to successfully market their product. The goal of Wimmer Cookbooks is not only to produce a product that will be a successful fundraiser for the first printing, but a cookbook that will be a revenue source for our publishers for many years and through multiple printings.

Wimmer Cookbooks also serves as a distribution company for our cookbook publishers who choose that option. Browse through the selection of cookbooks we have available for purchase online such as Junior League cookbooks, chef cookbooks, caterer cookbooks, non-profit organization cookbooks and a variety of award-winning community cookbooks. Order cookbooks online, if you’d like, or call 800.548.2537.







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